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The past will not become the future


The past will not become the future

. . . but it´s there


Along the road to the West

As a young boy we occasionally took our holidays in the West of Norway. We would drive through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen and the small town of Kvam. One of the farms beside the road had a collection of tree roots and dried branches, many of these were fashioned into animal and troll-like figures. These images remained in the young boys head.


I was often with my father in the forest gathering firewood. Sometimes we would cut timber from old telephone poles. This recycled timber was used for building an extension on our house and a cabin in the mountains. I did not enjoy gardening very much, although gathering berries and fruit sticks in my mind. Today, I see these chores as valuable ballast, but they are seldom transferred to the next generation now.


Drawing has been my main medium the last years, but I have always been a seeker in my choice of techniques in art. Photography and water color have been important to me, and Land Art has been a common denominator and is reflected in my work. In the space between Art and Craft I have made furniture dominated with organic shapes and motifs.

Bad news

Some years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. It gives me much pain and gradually weakens me physically. It was hard to come to terms with, especially mentally. You will find this theme in my drawings. Sick people, environmental damage, destruction and difficult choices of direction. Now, ten years after, am I still working continuously.

The Roots in The Garden

For several reasons we had to fell a couple of large fir trees a few years ago. The surface roots on one of the trees were so prominent that they had to be removed when we bought a lower car. The roots were beautiful and it pained me to dig them up, although the labour gave me renewed energy. The second fir tree had been cut leaving a useless stump in the driveway. I removed most of it and we no longer have to detour around it with the wheel barrow. Fantastic raw materials.

Wildlife in the garden

We have abundant wildlife in the garden, roe deer and many species of birds are the most noticeable. We do not see hedgehogs any more. I said that the tree stump was useless, but it proved to house large amounts of larvae when I peeled back the bark. Like I said, we no longer have hedgehogs. In a few years we will probably have no butterflies or beetles the way I carry on.

"Sculps", drawing details, and computergrafi

Digging up roots is hard physical work. I have always enjoyed it, even as a child. I feel useful and strong. Thoughts wander and old memories appear. Hard work in the forest and in the garden. Harvest and recycle, patience and sweat. Images from the small farm at Kvam. Now I too make figures from old tree roots, photograph them and down load them to my computer. Here they can live their own life or be integrated into new structures of root surfaces and meet details from later year drawings. Recycle. Time and energy, beauty and humour, but also infection and damage. I, the village idiot, am looking into the future. . . . and the past is there

New images

The solo show in Artifact gallery, Lower east side, New York, is finalized. Some of the drawings will be brought to Art Basel Miami by the gallerist, Serge Gregorian, in December. Then I will have a new solo show in Amsterdam Whitney gallery, Chelsea, New York, and a new trip to NYC is planned. Some drawings will also be sent to Palermo and Florence in January and March, and I will have an exhibition together with my brother in Galleri Zink in Lillehammer in April. But first of all, The six darkest months in the year are the best working period for me. The themes and motives in my previous pictures will be continued in new drawings, perhaps some in combination with photography. We will see!

I, the village idiot, am looking into the future. ...and the past will still be there


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